Keyboards are now collected in github repository. You can find the keyboard you want and download.

End-users will only need to download files with km2 extension to use with KeyMagic.

kms files are keyboard source files and only keyboard developers may find it interesting.

Here are some download link to additional keyboards:

  1. Ours-SHAN
  2. Mon
  3. PaOh

How to install keyboard


  • You can use KeyMagic application to add new keyboard to use.

macOS & Linux

  • macOS and Linux KeyMagic doesn’t come with UI. But you can simply copy km2 files to ~/.keymagic directory to use.
  • ~/.keymagic directory is typically hidden. To open the directory -
    • you can press ⌘ + Shift + G in Finder and type ~/.keymagic and press Go to open the directory.
    • you can open by typing open ~/.keymagic in Terminal.